A little bit about me

In 2014, right after I finished studying Graphic Design in Madrid, I moved to Dublin to learn English and travel.

I spent the following 6 years working with amazing remote and onsite teams across tech start-ups, an NGO and a global design agency. Recently, I moved back to Madrid where I work remotely.

Glendalough - Wicklow mountains - Ireland
when i'm not designing...

I love to go hiking

I grew up between Madrid city and the country side in Segovia, a lovely region of Spain surrounded by a National Park, hence my love for the mountains. Every chance I have I get out on nature to explore new places, no matter the weather.

I also love Arts

Before I got into Graphic Design I studied Arts for 2 years.

My favourites are charcoal drawing and clay sculpting, for me it's one of the best ways of meditation and unplugging from the digital world.